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Auto Therapy

Introducing Auto Therapy ® – a revolutionary approach to professional counseling. Traditional counseling sessions often trigger anxiety and discomfort due to their office-like atmosphere. With Auto Therapy, we’re transforming this experience. Imagine receiving therapeutic counseling while being chauffeured around the city or to a specific destination and back. This groundbreaking technique combines psychology, cars, and conversation to create something truly unique and valuable.

Whether it’s a leisurely drive to a local park or passing by your childhood home to reflect on a pivotal life moment, our aim is to provide a beneficial and imaginative counseling encounter. Picture yourself moving at a therapeutic pace, embracing the ever-changing scenery as we engage in meaningful conversation.

The Benefits

  • Ideal for clients who feel stigmatized by meeting therapists at a central location.
  • Enhances accessibility to mental health care for a wider range of people.
  • Builds a bond between you and your therapist through shared experiences on the road, while addressing your mental health needs.
  • The informal setting of a moving vehicle reduces anxiety, making it easier to express your thoughts and emotions.

Safety Assurance

  • All therapists operating vehicles are fully licensed as both drivers and psychotherapists.
  • Drivers must complete a defensive driving course, pass a driving test by our professional staff, have insurance coverage, and hold CPR certification. We ensure our drivers’ qualifications.
  • Vehicles are equipped with cameras for safety. Recorded footage is strictly confidential and only accessed if safety violations occur. Your safety and privacy are our utmost concern.

How will I know if I’m a good fit?

Start with a consultation to grasp this unique and tailored therapy approach. It addresses real-life situations and mental health concerns. Collaborating with your therapist, you’ll jointly determine if Auto Therapy suits your needs.

What if Auto Therapy Isn’t Effective for Me?

If you’re unsatisfied, you can cancel Auto Therapy sessions and transition to traditional counseling at any point. Notify us 24 hours before your scheduled session, and we’ll manage the process seamlessly.

Feel free to get in touch if you need any further adjustments or clarifications.

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