Revolutionizing Professional Counseling


Auto Therapy

Auto Therapy ® revolutionizes the way professional counseling is delivered. Formal counseling sessions can cause high levels of anxiety and feel unnerving due to the office-like setting. With Auto Therapy, you receive therapeutic counseling while being driven around the city or to a specific destination and back. This innovative new counseling technique utilizes the interrelationship of psychology, cars, and conversation to produce a unique and beneficial experience.

From traveling to a local park to driving past a childhood home to reminisce about a significant life event; our role is to provide a beneficial and creative counseling experience. Get ready as we drive at a therapeutic pace while enjoying the constant change of scenery.

The Benefits

  • Perfect for clients that feel stigmatized by meeting with a therapist in a central location.
  • Makes mental health care more accessible to a larger demographic of people.
  • You and your therapist bond through shared experiences on the road while establishing a solution to your mental health needs.
  • The informal setting of being in a moving vehicle makes you feel less anxious and at ease to share your thoughts and feelings.

Is It Safe?

  • All therapists assigned to a vehicle are fully licensed as drivers and psychotherapists.
  • Every driver must pass a defensive driving course, a driving test conducted by our professional staff, possess insurance coverage, and be CPR certified. We guarantee the certification of our drivers.
  • For the purpose of safety, cameras are installed inside all of our vehicles. All recorded footage remains confidential and unseen unless a safety violation occurs. Your safety and confidentiality are a top priority.

How will I know if I’m a good fit?

To begin, it’s best to schedule a consultation to fully understand this unique and tailored approach to therapy. Many real-life circumstances and mental health issues will be addressed. Working together with your therapist, you both will determine whether Auto Therapy is the best fit for your needs.

What if Auto Therapy Doesn’t Work for me?

In the event that you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel your Auto Therapy sessions to proceed with traditional counseling at any time. Please contact us 24 hours prior to your scheduled meeting and we will do the rest.

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