Q: Why would I want to talk to a stranger about my problems?

A: Your best friend used to be a stranger. Let that sink in for a moment. Once we introduce ourselves, we are no longer strangers. We are now two people embarking on a therapeutic journey together.

Q: I can go to my friends or family for help for free, why would I pay someone for that?

A: Friends and family are great, but they aren’t trained to deal with mental health issues. They also do not have to keep your problems to themselves.

Look at it like this, would you go to your plumber for help on how to fix your air conditioner? The answer is no, if you answered yes, schedule that appointment asap, there are some things we should discuss friend. No judgment.

Q: What if I don’t like my provider?

A: Please let the provider know. These people are professionals, they can take the honesty. Give a reason only if you’re comfortable, but we will refer you out to someone who can help you. Please remember we do this for YOU. If you’re unhappy, we’re not doing our jobs or you’re not listening to the advice. Either way, there’s something wrong that we need to make right. Please allow us to help.

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