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At AUW, we see the stats. We see that a household with no father is at risk of children being poor, becoming alcohol and drug abusers, or suffering from poor physical and mental health. While the numbers don’t lie, WE at AUW love disrupting statistical data, especially when it’s negative and creates a stigma.

It Starts with You

Fatherlessness is defined as growing up in a home where your father is absent due to them leaving or being deceased. For many of us who were raised without our fathers, we feel guilt, anger, and confusion. These feelings can also manifest in different physical ways, and you simply do not know why.

Dealing with fatherlessness, you lack male guidance, and in many instances, a victim mentality becomes your norm. It becomes your perception of the world, your filter as to how people treat you, and how you treat others. In such circumstances, you may find yourself rationalizing your anger.

The journey to discovering the far-reaching impact of fatherlessness continues in therapy. At AUW, we believe in fighting for the needs of our clients who are affected by the absence of a father and the pain that it causes.

We weaken the negative effects of fatherlessness by utilizing Cognitive Behavioral therapy and years of professional experience to change the maladaptive thought patterns affecting your life. Our philosophy is a simple one; Be greater than your father. That’s not to be taken negatively; it’s what you are meant to do.

Parents should want to see their children achieve higher goals than they did themselves, and at All Us We Counseling, we help all clients dealing with Fatherlessness… Be Greater!

Discover how you can achieve positive change

Your background, family life, and individual circumstances should never hold you back from achieving your goals. We believe that the path to success starts with you. Let us be your support and guide, so you can be an anomaly to the statistics.

Speak with us to start your therapeutic process.

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