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All Us We Counselling is a private practice providing counseling for individuals and couples. At AUW Counseling, we believe in helping you uncover your inner strength and the incredible ways our counseling services can improve your life, including the lives of the ones you love. As a compassionate and trusted counseling service, we provide professional and supportive mental healthcare for all.

Our therapists are experienced and certified to deliver individualized solutions that add value and ensure you feel heard. We believe in staying true to ourselves as individuals and always encourage you to do the same. This supports honest and relaxed conversation between you and our authentic therapists, who are experts at helping you improve your mental health and well-being.

We believe in you and encourage you to become a part of our authentic approach to counseling.

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Private practice providing counseling for individuals and couples
Justice Payne-Tyson

Peace, I’m Justice Payne-Tyson, and I am The Neighbor "Hood" Therapist™ and the owner and founder of All Us We Counseling, PLLC. As an LPC who has had enough of being normal, I created AUW Counseling to provide much-needed creativity to the therapeutic modalities. Therapy with AUW is clinical, without losing what makes us genuine and authentic as humans. Get the help you deserve while enjoying every step of the process. No robot-like sessions, you have my word. Let’s vibe.

Discover the Power of Authentic Therapeutic Services When You Become a Part of AUW Counseling


Individual Counseling

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us and place the power in your hands, so you can determine if counseling with AUW helps you to feel motivated, heard, and supported. We are fully trained mental health experts with SOUL, and we simply cannot wait to welcome you to the family!


Couples Counseling

Relationships that are built on a shaky foundation often experience long term deficiencies. Our relationship counseling can help you, and your significant other discover what is best for you.


Online Counseling

Commonly referred to as Teletherapy, online counseling is an effective and accessible form of psychotherapy. Using a desktop or smart device, you can easily connect to one of our trusted providers online. We aim to ensure you feel comfortable and have the chance to reach the therapy you need, no matter where you are.

AT R (Transparent File)

Auto Therapy®

Discover our most exciting therapeutic venture yet! We make therapeutic counseling available while being driven around the city and then back to your start destination. This incredible new approach combines psychology, conversation, and the relaxation of being in a car to deliver rewarding results.


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