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Welcome to All Us We Counseling


Welcome to All Us We Counselling, a dedicated private group practice offering counseling services for both individuals and couples. At AUW, our core belief centers on empowering you to tap into your inner resilience, while recognizing the transformative potential our counseling services hold for your life and the lives of those dear to you. As a compassionate and reliable counseling service, we're committed to extending professional and supportive mental healthcare for everyone.

Our team of therapists boasts substantial experience and certifications, enabling them to provide tailored solutions that enrich your life and ensure your voice is truly heard. We place paramount importance on staying true to our authentic selves as individuals, and we extend the same encouragement to you. This approach paves the way for candid and relaxed conversations between you and our genuine therapists. Their expertise lies in guiding you towards an improved state of mental health and overall well-being.

We have unwavering faith in your potential and warmly invite you to join our sincere and authentic approach to counseling. Your journey towards well-being begins here.

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Individual Counseling

We invite you to take charge by scheduling a session with us. This empowers you to gauge firsthand whether counseling with AUW fosters motivation, validation, and unwavering support. With a team of fully trained mental health professionals who bring soul to their practice, we're dedicated to this journey with you!


Clinical Supervision

We recognize the importance of having a supervisor who can relate to your unique background and experiences. Rest assured your supervisor has walked a similar path and is committed to providing you with insightful, culturally sensitive, and effective supervision.


Couples Counseling

Relationships that rest upon an uncertain foundation often face enduring challenges. Through our relationship counseling, we strive to guide you both towards stable ground and revitalized connection. Our objective is to support you and your partner in uncovering the best path forward, tailored to your unique circumstances and needs

AT R (Transparent File)

Auto Therapy®

Step into a new era of therapy with our exhilarating and innovative approach! Imagine receiving counseling while being chauffeured through the city and back to your starting point. This revolutionary method seamlessly combines psychology, deep conversations, and the calming environment of a car ride, resulting in truly rewarding outcomes.

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