Trust the Process


What to Expect


Counseling intake is held in our physical office unless you’ve signed up for an online session. Your provider will be waiting for you depending on the time of day. If the provider is with another client, please wait for them in the front and send a text message with your initials stating that you have arrived. Your provider will come to get you when ready.

Once in session, expect to go over confidentiality, your intake paperwork, what brought you in, your goals for therapy, and whether you feel the provider is a good fit for further sessions.

Session Energy

Your information is kept confidential by law and we don’t do gossip; it’s unethical and we value your privacy

Expect for our providers to be professional but to also be themselves in and out of session. Don’t go in expecting what you see on TV, we assure you, you’ll be disappointed or shocked.

Your provider will ask personal questions. They’re not nosey, they are striving to help. You have to let your guard down for the therapeutic process to work.

Trust the process. Be open-minded to the service as we embark on this healing process together.

Lastly, expect to be treated as an equal human being. You are safe to be yourself in a judgment-free zone. We will respect you and your time, we only ask that you do the same for us.

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