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About US

Welcome to All Us We Counseling (AUW), a prominent mental healthcare service that blends the foundation of “Traditional Therapy” with a touch of vital SOUL. Our mission is to bring modern counseling to you through authentic therapists who genuinely prioritize your well-being, all while staying true to our unique individual identities.

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About AUW

The Professionals

All Us We Counseling stands as a registered Group private practice that draws inspiration from the transformative power of supportive therapies and the genuine needs of our valued clients. Our core belief revolves around authentic therapy, creating an environment where you can comfortably embrace your true self and engage actively in the therapeutic process.

Whether you’re seeking individual support or couples counseling, we are dedicated to delivering the most effective therapeutic practices tailored to your unique needs. At AUW, we are committed to adapting traditional therapy approaches to ensure your comfort and easy access to our services. Whether you prefer the traditional one-on-one setting with a therapist or are open to an unconventional therapy approach, we cater to both preferences.

Our firm belief in the potential of mental healthcare to bring forth positive change, motivation, and support drives us to provide exceptional care. Our authentic and highly skilled counselors offer specialized therapy services to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their circumstances. We extend an invitation to those who may hold reservations about the value of therapy, encouraging them to reach out and experience firsthand the transformation it can bring to their happiness and overall well-being.

Our team of professional therapists upholds a high standard of professionalism while also embracing and expressing our individuality. We hail from diverse backgrounds, united in our commitment to providing a relatable, down-to-earth therapeutic experience. We don’t shy away from being ourselves, with the hope that it inspires you to embrace your true self in the therapeutic journey.

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The Humans

“All Us We” holds a special significance that traces back to the Paterson Eastside Ghosts football locker room. Our Founder, at the time a high school football player, couldn’t have foreseen the enduring impact this phrase would have on his life’s journey.

His upbringing was marked by poverty, the influence of gang culture, and the weight of trauma, anxiety, stress, and anger. Despite these challenges, he managed to complete high school and later graduate from college. It wasn’t until he pursued a Master’s degree in Psychology that he recognized the absence of representation and relatability in the field of mental health care.

As he observed the lack of diversity and relatability among mental health care providers, he grappled with his own identity and doubts about the effectiveness of counseling. However, a revelation awaited him.

“there’s a gap that needs to be filled. There are plenty of mental health care providers who can’t truly empathize with a client from a similar background as mine. So, why not step up and bridge that gap? I’ll become a professional counselor who’s not just trained, but has lived through the challenges, survived them, and now, I’m striving to do better for myself and others.” 

This realization ignited his passion to establish a mental health care service that speaks to authenticity, relatability, and genuine support. And so, All Us We Counseling was born.

AUW has been helping people during this journey that we call life, ever since. We especially cater to those who do not believe in counseling, as our founder discovered; it just takes a “spark” to change your mind.

Because of his story, All Us We Counseling prides itself on being the spark to the minds that will eventually change the world.

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