All Us We Counseling is a private practice created to keep up with the changing world.


About US

All Us We Counseling is a leading mental healthcare service with a European Therapy background and a touch of much-needed SOUL. Our purpose is to introduce contemporary counseling from authentic therapists who genuinely care about you.

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About AUW

The Professionals

All Us We Counseling is a registered private practice inspired by supportive therapies and the genuine needs of our clients. We believe in authentic therapy in which you feel comfortable to be yourself and receptive to the process of therapy. Whether you seek individual support or couple’s counseling, we deliver the best therapeutic practices tailored to your interests. At AUW, we believe in adapting traditional therapy, so you feel comfortable and have easy access to our services. Whether you wish to sit in a private room with a therapist or you are seeking an unconventional approach to therapy, we cater to both!

At AUW, we believe in the power, motivation, and support of mental healthcare. To ensure you experience these benefits, our authentic and expert counselors offer specialized therapy to all people across markets, regardless of circumstance. We encourage those who feel therapy is a “waste of time” to contact us and to see for yourself whether it is a valuable investment into your happiness and balance.

Our team of professional therapists takes pride in a high standard of professionalism while revealing our individuality. We come from all walks of life and believe in providing a modest, relatable therapeutic experience. We do not fear being ourselves because we hope that it encourages you to be yourself too.

Schedule your appointment today because WE are HERE for YOU.

The Humans

All Us We is a phrase that is engraved in the Paterson Eastside Ghosts football locker room. Our Founder didn’t know it then, as a high school football player, but this phrase would follow him for the rest of his life.

During his childhood, he experienced poverty, gang culture, trauma, anxiety, stress, and anger. He managed to complete high school and graduate from college years later. While pursuing his Master’s degree in Psychology, he began to notice that many mental health care providers didn’t look like him, nor could they relate to his upbringing.

Because he didn’t fit the “stereotypical” archetype of a mental health care provider or believe in counseling’s effectiveness; he began to doubt his choice of pursuing an advanced degree…Then, it hit him.

“There are enough providers who can’t truly relate to a client with a similar background as mine; why not help fill that void? I’ll be a professional counselor who lived it, survived it, and now am doing better for myself.”

He was inspired to change the stigma associated with therapeutic counseling and wished to share the immense benefits of a custom, authentic therapeutic approach with his clients.

AUW found its purpose that day, and we have been helping people during this journey that we call life, ever since. We especially cater to those who do not believe in counseling, because like our founder discovered; it just takes a “spark” to change your mind.

Because of his story, All Us We Counseling pride ourselves on being the spark to the minds that will eventually change the world.


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