Being a Black Man in America is lit…
but it’s beyond dangerous.


Black Man Misunderstood

As a black man, the anxiety and fear that comes with stepping outside into the eye of the public are simply unexplainable. At AUW Counseling, we want you to know that we are here to help you and to listen to you because we understand; “being a black man in America is lit, but it is also dangerous”.

Our founder and provider of AUW experienced a multitude of difficulties growing up as a Black man. Even in his professional capacity, he continued to experience stigmatization and limited perceptions. This inspired him to seek and implement transformation in an otherwise rigid school of practice. Today, he shares his authenticity, support, and honest communication with his clients and colleagues.

When we say that we understand, we are entirely genuine and honest about our experiences. We are not only familiar with your struggle but are living it as well. Our therapists have experienced the pains, anger, sadness, and paranoia that comes with being Black in America. Don’t let the fear of thinking, “no one understands you,” stop you from seeking the supportive services you need.

We’re here to help, because at the end of the day…. Black Man, you’re just misunderstood. But that all ends today!

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Black Man MisunderstoodThe Black Man Misunderstood podcast was created to address those much ran from topics regarding being a Black Man in America. Mike B. and The Neighbor “Hood” Therapist are two successful Black Men from the Inner city of Paterson, NJ. They come together and create one of the most explosive and authentic podcasts out!

Check out the Black Man Misunderstood Podcast every Tuesday. Available on all major streaming platforms.


Reading ResourceMan Just Express Yourself

Author and licensed Mental Health Professional, James Harris created Man, Just Express Yourself.  His book contains ways for Men to identify goals, plans, express themselves, learn, and keep records. This book is an interactive planner and teacher for all men needing a plan and struggling to express themselves. This is a great gift to give out or keep for yourself. We know that you will find it as useful as we do.



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