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Couples Counseling


If you and your partner find yourselves in a difficult stage of your relationship or just want to improve communication, you’ve found the support you both need and deserve.

Relationships built on a strong foundation will stand the test of time no matter the challenges along the way. That’s why at AUW, we focus on making sure that your relationship’s foundation is A1! Our couples counseling provides clarity and awareness to keep your relationship healthy.


Committing to marriage is a major step in your life. Many relationships experience endless difficulties after exchanging their vows. Understandably, the responsibilities and challenges of a marriage can become overwhelming.  At AUW, we recognize the different views and challenges of marriage, but ultimately, we understand that your goal is to be happy.

You have made a legal and even spiritual commitment to one another. It is our job to make sure you remember what it was that attracted you to your spouse and help you both redefine your marriage, love, happiness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Why All Us We Can Help

At AUW, we combine evidence-based practices with creativity to produce an effective plan for your sessions. We deal with communication breakdowns, infidelity, blended families, and much more concerning couples and marriage. We believe in taking an honest approach with open channels of communication. Expect all sides of the situation to be heard as we offer unbiased insight. Let us help you, and your significant other determine the path that is most suited to your needs and well-being.

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