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Navigating through challenging phases or aiming to enhance communication in your relationship? You’ve come to the right place for the support both of you require and deserve. We recognize that relationships anchored in a solid foundation endure trials and tribulations with resilience. That’s precisely why, at AUW, we prioritize ensuring that your relationship’s foundation is rock-solid. Our couples counseling brings clarity and heightened awareness, ensuring the well-being of your relationship.


Committing to marriage is a monumental step in life. It’s not uncommon for relationships to encounter ongoing difficulties after exchanging vows. The responsibilities and hurdles that come with marriage can undoubtedly feel overwhelming. Here at AUW, we acknowledge the distinct viewpoints and challenges within a marriage. However, at the core, we comprehend that your ultimate aspiration is to achieve happiness.

You have made a legal and even spiritual commitment to one another. It is our job to make sure you remember what it was that attracted you to your spouse and help you both redefine your marriage, love, happiness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Why All Us We Can Help

AUW takes a blend of evidence-based practices and creativity to devise effective session plans. We tackle issues such as communication breakdowns, infidelity, blended families, and a range of other concerns related to couples and marriage. Our approach emphasizes transparency and candid communication. We ensure that all perspectives are heard, providing unbiased insights. Allow us to assist you and your partner in identifying the most fitting path for your mutual well-being and needs.

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