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Let’s have a candid conversation. You’ve probably encountered the term “Real Talk” before, but have you ever associated it with your mental health?

“I’m not sitting on a stranger’s couch discussing my problems. I can talk to my family about my issues without cost. Why should I pay a psychotherapist to sit there and pass judgment?” Do these sentiments sound familiar? At AUW, we perceive all these statements as stigmas. A stigma is a negative viewpoint arising from the disapproval of a collective. Hesitating to seek mental health assistance doesn’t imply a disdain for talk therapy, often known as counseling. It’s simply a reflection of not wanting to invest time in what seems ineffective.

You don’t want to hear a bunch of “clinical” talk from someone who can’t relate to you, your struggles, or your situation, this is why AUW was created!

With AUW, you’re not on trial, which means we’re not here to judge you. You’ve gone long enough dealing with your stress on your own. Real Talk: You can continue doing what you’ve been doing or take a chance on us to help. Together, we can enhance your mental health and overall well-being. No judgment, no pretense, just straightforward mental health discussions

Real Talk

Book a session with us and decide if psychotherapy is an investment you’re willing to make. We’re not here to gossip; we’re skilled mental health experts with genuine soul. Our approach aligns with our way of life – authentic and unapologetically ourselves. This means you’ll benefit from professional counseling alongside a down-to-earth conversation. Don’t let a negative perception of counseling deter you and AUW from advancing your well-being. You deserve happiness; you don’t need to navigate this journey alone.


We offer three ways to access counseling with our therapists. You can schedule a one-on-one in-person session, enjoy a therapeutic drive around the city, or connect via your smart device in Texas, Georgia, or New Jersey. This is for the culture; this is for you. No more excuses; seize the help you rightly deserve.

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