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Real Talk. You’ve heard of it before, but have you ever heard of it in regards to your mental health?

“I’m not sitting on a stranger’s couch and talking about my problems. I can talk to my family about my issues for free. Why would I pay a psychotherapist to sit there and judge me?” Sound familiar? All of these statements are what we at AUW consider stigmas. A stigma is a bad opinion of something or someone because a collective of people may not approve of it. Not wanting to seek mental health help doesn’t mean you hate talk therapy, which is often referred to as counseling, It just means you’re not trying to waste time with what you feel won’t work.

But let’s keep it real; you don’t want to hear a bunch of “clinical” talk from someone who can’t relate to you, your struggles, or your situation, sound about right?

Well, you made it to this page which means you’ve found your solution. With AUW, you’re not on trial, which means we’re not here to judge you. You’ve gone long enough dealing with your stress on your own. Real Talk: You can continue doing what you’ve been doing or take a chance on us to help. Let’s work together to improve your mental health well-being. No judgment, no faking, just 1 on 1 mental health real talk.

Real Talk

Schedule a free consultation with us and you decide if psychotherapy with AUW is worth the investment. It’s free and we are team no gossip! We’re trained mental health experts with SOUL, which means we work as we live; authentic and unapologetically free. This means that you get the perks of professional counseling with the added bonus of a down to earth conversation. Don’t let a negative view of counseling stop you and AUW from improving your wellbeing. You deserve to be happy, you don’t have to go through this alone.


There are three ways to receive counseling services with our therapists. You can schedule a 1 on 1 sit down, take a cruise around the city, or use your smart device anywhere in Texas. We pride ourselves on being authentic, professional, and unique to better assist your needs. No more excuses, get the help you deserve.

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