It's still clinical, just with a taste of the Hood


The Neighbor “Hood” Therapist™

The Neighborhood therapistI come from nothing and don’t want charity.

Times are hard, and no one truly understands.

Why complain when nothing will change?

I wish I could speak to someone who would truly feel where I’m coming from and help me get through this!

                                                  “I see you. I feel you. I know your pain because I use to be where you are.”

I am Justice Payne-Tyson, a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, known as The Neighbor “Hood” Therapist™ in the podcast realm. I’ve aided diverse clients, each from unique backgrounds. Through this journey, I noticed a flaw in the system. Many, like me, struggle to open up due to stigma, counselor inauthenticity, and a lack of relatability, which hampers the therapy process.

Throughout my studies and early career, I resolved never to lose sight of my identity. Growing up on the Eastside of Paterson, NJ, instilled humility, insight, and unwavering support to connect with every client. My focus lies in innovative, effective approaches that alleviate the discomfort and hesitation often linked with therapy.

As your therapist, expect moments of laughter, tears, venting, and unapologetic self-expression.

As a guest speaker, I advocate for the underrepresented, sharing my truth without veering into ignorance. My authenticity isn’t just a façade for social media.

Here is some feedback from people who have a history with me.

“If I had to sum up counseling with TNHT, I’d say, You never really feel like you’re in therapy; it just kind of feels like someone who finally gets you, wants you to win, and will hold you accountable without all of the judgment and extra BS.

“It’s still clinical, just with a taste of the Hood.”

“I’ve had a lot of guests come to my show, The Neighbor “Hood” Therapist is just different, I can’t explain it, you just have to listen to him speak”

I’m grateful for past, present, and future clients, and I embrace my upbringing’s impact. I embody what The Neighbor “Hood” represents. Stereotypes might breed negativity, but my purpose is to offer an alternative viewpoint. Why can’t education, professionalism, being Black, and coming from the ‘hood coexist? I’m here to challenge that misconception.

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If you are looking to connect with me, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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