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Stress & Anxiety

We all experience stress and anxiety in some ways throughout our lifetime, but when you start to feel panicked, overwhelmed, and chronically stressed, you can become physically ill.

At AUW, we understand that life is unpredictable. We also know that feelings of stress and anxiety can become so intense, it takes over your health, your ability to think rationally, and takes away from balanced living. We want you to know that we are here to help you manage the stress and the ongoing anxiety that is getting in the way of living the peaceful and balanced life you deserve.

Do not allow stress and anxiety to consume your well-being. Our certified and genuine therapists are here to help you work through your challenges and explore the best coping strategies and steps you can take to gain control over your well-being.

Understanding Stress and Anxiety

If you have an upcoming meeting or need to reach a deadline, naturally, you will feel anxious and a little bit stressed. When these emotions become persistent, and your mood suffers, you experience panic attacks or lose focus and feel irritable or “on-edge,” that’s when you know it’s time to speak to our professional team of trusted therapists. In many instances, chronic stress and anxiety create physiological responses from heart palpitations and high blood pressure to headaches and weight loss. There are ways you can manage stress, and it starts with seeking the right help from therapists who truly listen to you.

We are experienced in individual counseling services focused on reducing stress and anxiety, and its impact on your mental well-being.

Whether you have suffered a loss, are going through a divorce, or unable to manage the stress of work and relationships, speak to AUW therapists. Our professionals provide a supportive environment in which we attentively listen to your concerns. We encourage you to talk to us and to find relief so that you can live a well-balanced and rewarding life.

Consult with Us for Supportive Solutions

We are here for you.

Speak to our team and start your journey towards health and happiness.

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