Survivor’s Guilt

Traumatic Event

Surviving a traumatic or life-threatening event while others did not can lead to an overwhelming experience of survivor’s guilt. If you’re grappling with trauma and burdened by the guilt of being alive when others have perished, it’s time to seek assistance from a team of therapists who comprehend your struggles. We invite you to open up in a safe and unconditional environment, facilitated by genuine and caring therapists.

The Impact of Survivor’s Guilt

Survivors’ guilt often brings along stress, anxiety, and even depressive symptoms. Physiological manifestations such as stomach disturbances, nightmares, and sleep difficulties might also arise.

It’s important to note that survivor’s guilt is a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but experiencing it doesn’t necessarily mean you have PTSD. This sentiment can severely limit your well-being and hinder your ability to cope with the trauma. At AUW, our therapists are experienced and certified to help you make sense of your experiences, rediscover your purpose, and guide you toward moving forward and embracing life again.

Sacrifice and Success

While success is often celebrated, the sacrifices behind it are rarely discussed. Survivor’s guilt can also emerge when someone overcomes adversity and improves their life, while others they grew up with continue to struggle. This often leads to a belief that successful individual should simply enjoy their accomplishments and remain quiet about them. This perspective is unhealthy and far from the truth. There are various reasons why survivor’s guilt occurs, and none should control your well-being.

If you’re grappling with survivor’s guilt, AUW is here to support you. When we express understanding, we genuinely mean it. Our therapeutic approach revolves around authenticity, ensuring you feel at ease to be yourself and express your feelings. Whether you’ve faced trauma or find yourself trapped in a cycle of survivor’s guilt, we are your dedicated therapists ready to offer guidance.

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