Survivor’s Guilt

Traumatic Event

When an individual survives a life-threatening or traumatic event, and others have not, this can lead to the experience of survivor’s guilt. If you have suffered trauma and feel overwhelmed by the guilt of living while others have lost their lives, it is time to seek the help you need with a team of therapists who understand what you are going through. We encourage you to speak to us, in an unconditional environment, with authentic therapists who care.

The Impact of Survivor’s Guilt

Along with the stress, anxiety, and often depressive symptoms associated with survivor’s guilt, you may be affected by physiological symptoms, including stomach upset, nightmares, and difficulty sleeping.

Survivors’ guilt is a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It does not mean that you have PTSD when you experience survivor’s guilt. Owing to the devastating limits it places on your well-being and ability to cope with the trauma, AUW therapists are experienced and certified to help you make sense of what happened, rediscover your purpose, and how you can move forward and live again.

Sacrifice and Success

People speak about success and all the glorious things that come with it, but no one talks about the sacrifice required. Survivors’ guilt also occurs when people make it out of a tough situation and do better for themselves while the people they grew up with are still struggling. Most people overlook this and believe that the individual who has found success should just “be quiet and enjoy” their success. This is unhealthy thinking and couldn’t be further from the truth. There are numerous reasons why people experience Survivor’s guilt, but none of them should be allowed to control you.

If you are suffering from Survivor’s guilt, AUW is here for you and willing to help. When we say that we understand, we really do. Our therapeutic approach is about authenticity and ensuring you feel comfortable and free to be and express yourself. Whether you have suffered trauma or are stuck in a vicious cycle of survivor’s guilt, we are your trusted therapists who can support you.

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