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Teen Counseling

The Future

Teens are our future. As cliché as it may sound, it’s true. If our teens are not okay, how can they make a better future for us all? Part of ensuring that the future looks bright for everyone is by making sure that your teenager’s mental health is great.


Notice unusual mood swings? Is your teenager growing more aggressive by the day? Your kid doesn’t want to “talk about it”? Although historically society has taught us that this is normal behavior; the recent statistics prove otherwise. Teens are dealing with things on an emotional level different than when you were in High School. They need someone to talk to who’s on the outside looking in doesn’t make them feel judged.
Uniquely, AUW offers that “someone” and guidance figure. We’ve worked with teens for over a decade and continue to meet them in their world to promote positive mental health wellbeing.

Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT)

MRT is a cognitive-behavioral treatment system that improves teens’ decision making, moral reasoning, and behavior. It was created by Dr. Greg Little and Dr. Ken Robinson in the 1980s and is considered an evidence-based program by SAMHSA. It has been recognized by many institutes for its effectiveness especially with juveniles and teens.
All of that to say this, this stuff works! It’s not something we pulled out of thin air. We stand by MRT and have completed the 32-hour training program to become MRT certified facilitators to prove it. This program can be used in a group or individually and still produce great results. Ask about it when you contact us for more information.

Why All Us We

With AUW, your teenager doesn’t have to worry about speaking with someone they can’t understand or doesn’t relate to them. We interact with teens every day and are often considered the “cool” grown-ups. We’re not trying super hard to understand their situation, we just acknowledge that we see them and are here for their journey. Our teen clients appreciate and enjoy sessions with us because of this. Never forget, teens are the best at spotting out if someone is trying too hard or being sincere. They call it their “BS meter”. Schedule with us to find out if we pass the test.

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